Biomechanical, footprint and postural study

Biomechanical, footprint and postural study

One of the tools used for the diagnosis of musculoskeletal pathologies caused by poor locomotor apparatus function, whether acute or chronic, of traumatic origin or due to alterations in postural control, is the biomechanical study and postural assessment.

Among the most frequent causes that can alter the biomechanical functions of gait, as we have mentioned, is the use of footwear. Each person has very different and unique structural characteristics, type of foot. Likewise, the type of work activity, sport, growth phase in paediatric age, elderly, person at risk, will also be taken into account in order to adapt the type of study to the patient’s characteristics and achieve the greatest final benefit. This is why we must pay attention to them so that the footwear adapts to the foot and not the foot to the shoe. This aspect will be taken into account so that the treatment carried out will be more effective if possible.


Strict and obligatory anamnesis (medical history), complementary tests, determination of the type of pathology to be treated and its consequences.

Treatment assessment

List the actions to be taken to resolve the condition.

Final check

Assessment of the effectiveness of the treatments carried out.


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