Therapeutic laser

Therapeutic laser

For several years now, laser has been used as a treatment for nail fungus in Spain and, so far, many advances and scientific studies have been carried out, not only for the treatment of fungus, but also for other skin pathologies (plantar warts or papillomas, painful calluses, improved healing of surgeries and ulcers, etc.).

Other applications of the laser are the anti-inflammatory and analgesic treatment of tendinitis, such as Achilles tendinitis, and others such as plantar fasciitis, neuritis (Morton’s neuroma), heel spurs, etc., and as the latest applications, treatment of myofascial trigger points in the lower limbs to treat pain at a distance, with very good results.

It is a non-invasive physical therapy, completely painless and without side effects, which by means of photobiomodulation improves pain and inflammation much more effectively.

Pioneering treatment

Technology introduced in 2013 and long experience in treatments.

New applications

Not only for the treatment of fungi, but also for other skin pathologies, pain and inflammation.

Immediate results

Painless, non-invasive treatment with no side effects.


What do we offer you?


Onychomycosis (Nail fungus)


Plantar warts (Papillomas)


Painful calluses


Surgery scars


Trigger points


Chronic pain

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