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Our philosophy is based on treating people and not pathologies; listening to the patient in order to get to the cause of the reason why he/she comes to the clinic. Many types of pathologies or ailments can be caused by many causal factors, so we must evaluate the person holistically and globally, as the human being functions as a whole. In Posturology we study the different posture control systems, from the feet, the sight, the vestibular system (inner ear), the viscera, the skin, the emotions,… all managed by the Central Nervous System. Therefore, any cause can trigger a cascade of neuromuscular actions resulting in our posture. Thus, a pain in the foot, unless there has been a strong traumatism in the area, does not necessarily have to be caused by the foot. This explains why many ailments do not improve despite the use of different types of treatment.

General Podiatry

Nowadays, nail and skin pathologies are quite frequent. We spend many hours on our feet, either because of work or sporting activities, bad or inappropriate footwear depending on the activity, causing a lot of problems and pain.

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Prostheses for deformities

Among other pathologies in the population are toe deformities, which cause pain, poor gait function and poor adaptation to footwear. For this reason, we design custom-made orthoses to correct, prevent or alleviate their consequences, so that they are fully functional and comfortable to wear.

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Customised templates

All treatment carried out is individual and personalised, the plantar orthoses or insoles can be biomechanical or postural, taking up very little space and always with top quality materials.

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Nail reconstruction

Nowadays, nail pathologies are very frequent and of various causes. For this reason, after a treatment of cleaning and sanitisation of the nail plate, it is necessary to…

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Biometric study

One of the tools used for the diagnosis of musculoskeletal pathologies caused by poor locomotor apparatus function, whether acute or chronic, of traumatic origin or due to alterations in postural control, is the biomechanical study and postural assessment.

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Therapeutic laser

For several years now, laser has been used as a treatment for nail fungus in Spain and, so far, many advances and scientific studies have been carried out, not only for the treatment of fungus, but also for other skin pathologies (plantar warts or papillomas, painful calluses, improved healing of surgeries and ulcers, etc.).

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Home delivery service

When circumstances require it, either in people with some kind of functional disability or reduced mobility and elderly people who for various reasons are unable to go to the chiropody centre, the patient or responsible person may request home chiropody services.

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