General Podiatry

General Podiatry

Nowadays, nail and skin pathologies are quite frequent. We spend many hours on our feet, either because of work or sporting activities, bad or inappropriate footwear depending on the activity, causing a lot of problems and pain.

By means of chiropody, a non-surgical and painless procedure, we carry out the correct cutting and cleaning of the nails, delamination of hyperkeratosis (hard skin), calluses, nail and skin milling, wound healing, diabetic ulcers, plantar warts (papillomas), etc. During the same visit, a general assessment of the state of the feet is carried out, where we explain the possible causes that have produced these lesions and the treatment options to provide a definitive solution.

Long-term pain caused by an ingrown toenail, a heloma (callus), etc., has consequences for posture and in turn can cause neuromuscular injuries to compensate for this pain. All the weight of the body rests on the feet, and pain, for whatever reason, will change our posture and gait.


Diagnosis and treatment of nail and skin pathologies.


We are specialists in the practice of this non-surgical and painless technique.

Alleviation of pathologies

We treat both acute and chronic processes, from calluses and corns to sweating and odour disorders.


What do we offer you?


Hardness and calluses


Ingrown toenails


Skin fungus and onychomycosis


Plantar warts


Ulcer treatment


Sweat and odour disorders

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