Estévez Clinic

Estévez Podiatry Clinic

Who we are

At the Estévez podiatry clinic there are no pathologies and no two people are alike. For this reason, we believe that each treatment is personalised and individual for each patient, whatever the illness for which they come to the clinic.

Whatever the reason for the visit, the person is assessed holistically (overall). To give an example: a badly healed or chronic ankle sprain can trigger an ailment in the hip of the same leg, spine, or loss of balance in general caused by failures in the neural connection between structures.

In this way, we will investigate the causes that may have triggered the ailment in question, any related antecedents, sports or work habits, habitual footwear, and thus propose the best option for resolving or restoring both the health of the feet and in general, adapted to the circumstances of each person.

Estévez Podiatry Clinic

How we work

Both the data obtained from the clinical history and from the study carried out, any treatment or assessment that may be complementary will be proposed, if considered appropriate, as sometimes other health professionals are needed to improve the health of patients. If we are talking about a global vision, we will have to work in a multidisciplinary way (medicine, physiotherapy, optometry, psychology, nutrition, etc.) and work as a team to achieve the objective of our patients’ health.

Since the beginning in Benidorm in 2007 and in 2011 in Dénia, the staff of the Estévez podiatry clinic is in continuous training, so that the treatments, the service and the attention to the patient are more and more effective.

The clinics are designed to create a pleasant atmosphere so that you feel at ease when you enter, during your stay and leave with a high level of satisfaction. Both clinics are registered and registered as authorised health centres and have been inspected by the competent authorities. In addition, they have the advantage of being located at street level, without obstacles, thus facilitating access for the elderly or people with reduced mobility.